'Mockingjay - Part 2' Retains First Place with $21.3M on Black Friday; 'The Good Dinosaur' Posts Healthy $15.7M; 'Creed' Packs a Punch with $11.7MNovember 28, 2015 02:35 AM

by BoxOffice Staff

Please note that figures and totals are a mix of estimates and actuals reported by the studios due to the holiday weekend.

Lionsgate reports that The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2 added an estimated $21.25 million on Black Friday, bringing its 8-day domestic total to $168 million. That puts the final film of the franchise 13 percent behind the pace of last year's predecessor. BoxOffice is projecting a $50 million 3-day weekend for Part 2's sophomore frame, and an overall 5-day holiday weekend take of $74.15 million. Both figures will give the blockbuster pic another first place crown this weekend.

In second place on Friday, The Good Dinosaur posted $15.66 million in its third day of release. That gives the original Pixar film a domestic sum of $32.04 million since opening on Wednesday. By comparison, that puts it 24 percent ahead of the pace of A Bug's Life (Pixar's last non-sequel to open wide over Thanksgiving weekend, which earned nearly $26 million over the Wed-Thu-Fri frame of Thanksgiving weekend in 1998) and 19 percent behind the more recent Tangled (a Disney Animation film). This is also the first Pixar film to open outside of summer since 2004's The Incredibles. While the figures are below expectations for Good Dinosaur, early word of mouth is healthy and the long holiday season will give it plenty of life in the weeks to come. BoxOffice is projecting a $38.5 million 3-day weekend and $54.9 million for the overall 5-day opening.

In a strong third place yesterday, Warner Bros. and MGM report that Creed knocked out another $11.7 million. That brings the franchise revival pic's three-day domestic sum to $24.2 million as very strong reviews and word of mouth continue to accelerate its momentum. The film is trending 29 percent ahead of the inflation-adjusted three-day start of 2006's Rocky Balboa (65 percent when not adjusting) and is certain to keep up the strength of its early run as we head into December. BoxOffice is projecting a $30 million three-day weekend, giving it an impressive overall $42.5 million five-day launch.

Spectre took fourth place on Friday with an estimated $5.285 million. The latest James Bond flick has tallied $168.54 million domestically now. Look for a three-day haul of $12.8 million and five-day take around $18.2 million.

The Peanuts Movie filled out the top five with $4 million yesterday, bringing its total up to $111.1 million. BoxOffice projects a $9.8 million three-day / $13.7 million five-day weekend.

The Night Before continues to build on its healthy word of mouth as it tagged $3.23 million on Black Friday. With $19.1 million in the bank so far, the holiday comedy is poised to display legs heading into Christmas season. Look for an $8 million sophomore three-day weekend, making for an $11.35 million five-day holiday frame.

Meanwhile, Victor Frankenstein continues to struggle after three days of play. With $905,000 on Friday, the film's tally since opening on Wednesday is $1.99 million. We're projecting a $2.3 million three-day frame and $3.39 million five-day overall opening.

Below is how the weekend's top 13 are shaping up:

Rank / Title / 3-Day Weekend / 5-Day Weekend

1. The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2 ($50 million 3-day / $74.2 million 5-day)
2. The Good Dinosaur ($38.5 million / $54.9 million)
3. Creed ($30 million / $42.5 million)
4. Spectre ($12.8 million / $18.2 million)
5. The Peanuts Movie ($9.8 million / $13.7 million)
6. The Night Before ($8 million / $11.35 million)
7. Spotlight ($4.2 million / $5.5 million)
8. Secret In Their Eyes ($4.1 million / $5.4 million)
9. Brooklyn ($3.7 million / $4.7 million)
10. The Martian ($3.3 million) / $4.5 million)
11. Love the Coopers ($3 million / $4.3 million)
12. Victor Frankenstein ($2.3 million / $3.4 million)
13. Bridge of Spies ($1.4 million / $1.9 million)

Daily domestic gross

DateDayDay no.Top 10 GrossLW%Total Daily GrossTop movie of the day
Nov 05Thu309$4,328,608-28%$5,478,383The Martian
Nov 04Wed308$4,540,306-27%$5,721,284The Martian
Nov 19Thu323$5,048,858-41%$5,761,027Spectre
Nov 02Mon306$5,144,288-19%$6,443,784The Martian
Nov 18Wed322$5,661,061-74%$6,562,069Spectre
Nov 16Mon320$5,729,313-39%$6,673,674Spectre
Nov 03Tue307$7,114,114-14%$8,753,055The Martian
Nov 17Tue321$7,894,851-44%$9,044,990Spectre
Nov 12Thu316$8,549,12598%$9,592,341Spectre
Nov 09Mon313$9,368,61282%$10,270,694Spectre
Nov 10Tue314$14,177,45199%$15,560,733Spectre
Nov 23Mon327$15,211,520166%$16,209,826The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2
Nov 01Sun305$17,970,207-23%$22,250,325The Martian
Nov 24Tue328$20,265,024157%$21,350,822The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2
Nov 11Wed315$21,845,089381%$23,634,016Spectre
Nov 15Sun319$24,790,346-35%$28,038,360Spectre
Nov 13Fri317$26,412,480-46%$30,166,918Spectre
Nov 26Thu330$31,938,511533%$33,320,856The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2
Nov 08Sun312$37,873,784111%$40,720,937Spectre
Nov 25Wed329$39,006,668589%$40,415,511The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2
Nov 22Sun326$40,323,35963%$42,921,487The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2
Nov 14Sat318$42,548,132-31%$48,019,571Spectre
Nov 06Fri310$48,974,670169%$52,203,525Spectre
Nov 21Sat325$59,856,54341%$64,418,800The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2
Nov 07Sat311$61,943,908177%$66,881,440Spectre
Nov 20Fri324$63,155,505139%$65,355,062The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2