'Vacation' Misfires on Opening Day with $3.8 MillionJuly 30, 2015 07:15 AM

by BoxOffice Staff

Warner Bros. reports that the Vacation revamp grossed a soft $3.82 million on opening day Wednesday, including Tuesday night's $1.2 million early show earnings. Unfortunately, that puts the sequel 44 percent behind the $6.78 million first day take of August 2013's We're the Millers, which also opened on a Wednesday. If Vacation can follow a similar pattern to that film, it would land around $20 million for its five-day opening, although a total under that mark looks more likely right now.

Scooting down to second place yesterday, Ant-Man was off 41 percent from last Wednesday to $3.01 million. That gives it a 13-day domestic total of $116.8 million, 8 percent behind Captain America: The First Avenger and 12 percent ahead of The Incredible Hulk.

Minions grabbed third place with $2.82 million on Wednesday, down 45.5 percent from last week. With $272.4 million in the bank so far, the prequel is pacing 2.5 percent behind Despicable Me 2.

Pixels placed fourth with $2.39 million yesterday, giving the Adam Sandler pic a six-day haul of $32.97 million. Unfortunately, the film isn't connecting in the way once hoped as it stands just 17 percent ahead of where Sandler's Jack & Jill stood at the same point in release.

In fifth place, Trainwreck grabbed almost $2 million for a 40percent drop from last Wednesday. The hit comedy's 13-day gross is a strong $68.2 million, putting it just 7 percent behind the pace of 2007's Knocked Up.

Southpaw earned $1.62 million in its sixth day of release. With a healthy total of $22.56 million so far, the film is pacing 32 percent ahead of End of Watch.

Meanwhile, Paper Towns claimed sixth place on Wednesday with a gross of $1.415 million. The young adult drama's six-day tally is $17.88 million, putting it 8 percent behind the pace of If I Stay and 71 percent behind The Fault In Our Stars.

Daily domestic gross

DateDayDay no.Top 10 GrossLW%Total Daily GrossTop movie of the day
Jul 10Fri191$74,825,04543%$76,430,323Minions
Jul 11Sat192$72,266,581105%$74,504,575Minions
Jul 18Sat199$68,113,333-6%$71,607,703Minions
Jul 17Fri198$60,504,506-19%$62,949,651Ant-Man
Jul 12Sun193$55,329,88941%$56,956,652Minions
Jul 03Fri184$52,470,660-2%$54,971,214Inside Out (2015)
Jul 25Sat206$51,425,871-24%$54,754,949Ant-Man
Jul 19Sun200$49,882,601-10%$52,341,205Ant-Man
Jul 24Fri205$46,762,828-23%$49,475,905Pixels
Jul 26Sun207$40,181,541-19%$42,575,578Ant-Man
Jul 05Sun186$39,370,047-25%$41,233,068Inside Out (2015)
Jul 01Wed182$38,080,37361%$39,344,404Magic Mike XXL
Jul 04Sat185$35,192,188-49%$37,057,828Jurassic World
Jul 02Thu183$34,131,82150%$35,666,505Inside Out (2015)
Jul 14Tue195$31,149,54128%$32,040,666Minions
Jul 21Tue202$27,127,488-13%$28,853,177Minions
Jul 07Tue188$24,269,618-2%$25,416,844Inside Out (2015)
Jul 13Mon194$23,813,63921%$24,550,156Minions
Jul 15Wed196$22,615,37420%$23,378,462Minions
Jul 28Tue209$21,874,329-19%$22,795,906Ant-Man
Jul 20Mon201$21,223,316-11%$22,603,326Ant-Man
Jul 06Mon187$19,604,825-9%$20,585,828Inside Out (2015)
Jul 22Wed203$18,886,807-16%$20,306,689Minions
Jul 29Wed210$19,170,5282%$20,028,977Vacation (2015)
Jul 08Wed189$18,840,553-51%$19,851,777Inside Out (2015)
Jul 16Thu197$18,663,1219%$19,307,444Minions
Jul 27Mon208$17,894,110-16%$18,797,995Ant-Man
Jul 23Thu204$17,371,363-7%$18,537,489Minions
Jul 09Thu190$17,122,531-50%$18,102,644Inside Out (2015)